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Grade Level Placement in the Public School

Grade Level Placement in the Public School

Homeschooling your children is a labor of love. It’s also a lot of work and commitment. But sometimes, parents are unable to continue educating their children at home and make the decision to enroll their child in the public school system.

The question then arises “If I homeschool my child, and later decide to enroll my child in the public school, what grade level will my elementary child be placed?”

According to the DOE Homeschooling FAQ —

“What grade level will my elementary child be placed after homeschooling has ended?

For grades one through eight, the homeschooled child shall re-enroll at the appropriate grade level by birth date. For example, if the homeschooled child by birth date should be an eighth grader, then he/she is enrolled as an eighth grader.”

The FAQ further states—

“Can I challenge the grade level of my re-enrolled child?

Once the child is enrolled, if the school or parent has a concern about appropriate grade level placement, then the school shall evaluate the student (as it would any other student) and make adjustments accordingly, including placement at another grade level. Parents should be informed and involved in the assessment, as feasible. The principal’s decision about grade placement is final.”

CHOH is here to encourage and support families to homeschool through high school. But if you need to enroll your child in the public school, here are some things to consider …

  • Join Home School Legal Defense Association. Your annual HSLDA membership provides legal advice and representation as needed. //hslda.org/join
  • Keep good homeschool records. The Chapter 12 Rule requires parents to keep a record of curriculum. Documenting progress can be helpful if you question the grade level placement of your child.