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Homeschool 101

Whether you are exploring homeschooling, just beginning homeschooling, or a veteran homeschooler, you are invited to view CHOH’s Homeschool 101 video sessions.

Over a series of 4 weeks, we discussed the whys and benefits of homeschooling and Hawaii’s homeschool law. We explored educational approaches and learning styles to help you develop a philosophy of education so you can select the curriculum and program that best meets the needs of your children and your family.


Homeschool? Me? Why should I teach my children? Is it legal in Hawaii?

We discuss the reasons and benefits of home education and become familiar with Hawaii’s law.


Writing your philosophy of education …. That sounds scary …. But it’s easier than you think!

We explore different educational approaches.


So what else do I need to know?

We discuss learning styles to help you individualize your child’s education.


Ok, but what is homeschooling supposed to look like?

We share ideas on scheduling your homeschool year and day and organizing your home.


How do I keep records and why should I?

We discuss the requirements of the law and methods for record keeping.

How do I fulfill reporting progress of my child to the state?

We discuss requirements for reporting student progress to the state and how to meet this requirement.

Homeschool through High School? How about after High School, what options are there?

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