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The purpose of Christian Homeschoolers of Hawaii (CHOH) is to share information regarding homeschooling from a Christ-centered perspective and provide support for homeschooling families.

CHOH’s mission as a statewide, non-governing service organization is to organize activities to educate, assist, and encourage families in homeschooling endeavors and be a liaison between homeschooling families and national, state, and local organizations and agencies.

CHOH will continue as a Christ-centered, service-minded ministry that inspires families to raise godly generations.

Information from the CHOH newsletter and board members should not be considered legal advice or professional counsel, and should not take the place of legal counsel from a qualified and informed attorney. The activities and newsletter of Christian Homeschoolers of Hawaii will be consistently and forthrightly Christian. Na Makua Ho’olako, CHOH’s newsletter, is published every six to eight weeks. Our advertising policy can be found here and our e-mail advertising policy is here.

Organization Status
CHOH is registered as a 501(c)(3) charitable non-profit educational organization. The officers of the corporation are:

President: Dan Mather
Vice-President: Kyle Murai
Secretary: June Mather
Treasurer: Rodney Mendiola
CHOH Board Members Are:
Dan and June Mather
Kyle and Kristi Murai
Rodney and Dawn Mendiola

We are a service organization, not a governing one. Christian Homeschoolers of Hawaii does not employ anyone. All of our Board members, support group leaders, and contact people are volunteers.

Christian Homeschoolers of Hawaii is a participating state organization with the Home School Legal Defense Association’s discount program. If you are a current member, CHOH’s group discount number will automatically appear on your renewal form. If you are joining HSLDA for the first time, then you need to give them CHOH’s group discount number (listed on the CHOH newsletter) to be eligible for the $15.00 discount. We urge all homeschooling families to join HSLDA not only to keep up to date with Hawaii state legislation but also to maintain freedoms for all homeschoolers around the country and around the world.


Harry Spurrier

December 28, 2015at 12:08 pm

Dear Christian Homeschoolers of Hawaii:
This letter regards a musical ear training program that I would like to make available to home educators. The program is very easy to use, and would be of interest to parents who are looking for ways to improve their abilities for effective home education. My wife and I successfully homeschooled our three daughters until they went to college, and thus we understand the need for high quality tools to assist in the homeschooling efforts required to successfully educate a child. I have composed an economical, straightforward audio ear training program that can help fill the need for musical instruction of a child of any age in the home education environment. The program is even acceptable for use as background music to help calm infants.
My own musical education inspired the development of this program. I recently went back to college in pursuit of a Music Composition degree after my job in electronics of 22 years was outsourced. Music has always been a vital part of my life, and I was thrilled to complete my degree and graduate Summa Cum Laude from the University of Northern Colorado in 2.5 years. During my education I found the musical aural skills tests very challenging so I developed ear training exercises to help me prepare for the requirements I was presented with. Listening to these exercises made such a change in my own musical abilities I realized that I could incorporate these same exercises into an economical, easy to use package for homeschooling parents to help develop their family’s ear for music. Hence, the name of my program is The Developing Ears.
The Developing Ears offers a unique approach to helping your child increase his or her ear for music. When we see a stepladder we understand the height of the ladder when we know how many steps that ladder holds. The height of that ladder becomes defined as a specific number of steps. Without a clear view of those steps it is harder to grasp just how high that ladder can reach. The Developing Ears builds an understanding of the distance in pitch between notes by presenting compositions that use a number of techniques that clearly define to the ear how many steps it takes to get from one to note to the next. By becoming familiar with the compositions the mind generates a library of sound images showing the distances found between these notes thereby improving pitch perception. Among a number of other musical concepts The Developing Ears teaches, the program also helps to build a similar library to the effects of rhythm in the worlds of compound meter, simple meter, and polyrhythm.
I would greatly appreciate any information that would help me reach out to the homeschool population. I would love to be able to make this available to your group. Would it be possible to forward this letter to the next level of your organization? Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions. Below I have listed my email as well as The Developing Ears website address so that you can review my program and listen to samples of some of the exercises. Thank you for your time, I look forward to hearing from you.
Harry Spurrier
PO Box 356
Bellvue, CO 80512

Grant Funk

January 4, 2016at 1:02 pm

I represent Av-STEM Alaska. We use aviation (Av) to teach STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math). Our first year course, Introduction to Aviation, gives students opportunities to utilize science and math in real world, hands on applications that will challenge them to want to know more!
I am interested in being a vendor at your convention but I could not find the needed application and information. Could you please email me the cost and well as the number of families you expect to attend as well as any associated forms? Visit our website at av-stem.com

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